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Swedish Massage

Add-On Services

Read My Lips (Lip Scrub)

10 min, $20

Scrubbing the lips is always beneficial as it exfoliates the impurities and dust particles from the lips. This service includes exfoliating, lip mask, and lip balm.

Exfoliating booster

5min, $25


Using a layer of a chemical peel, this is great to add to any facial service to accelerate the exfoliating process.

Snapback High Frequency Treatment

5 min, $20

ADD ON TO FACIAL/BRAZILIAN WAX/FULL BIKINI WAX Stimulate cell renewal and improve skincare product penetration and absorption by gently warming and oxygenating the tissues of the skin. Tones skin and tighten pores

I'm Quenched (hydrojelly mask)

10 min, $20

Upgrade your mask to increase facial benefits specifically to your skin needs Mask benefits include the following: -instant hydration and smoothness -increase moisture-retention capabilities -infused oxygen and detox against environmental stressors -brightening complex -firming and tightening -decrease larger pores and promote healing -reduce appearance of scars -minimize skin irritation, rashes, inflammation, redness and inhibit bacteria that causes infection

Faux-tox lift and contour mask

10 min, $40

This anti-aging treatment contains Argeraline- a popular anti-wrinkle peptide that works like Botox to target any visible signs of aging. The contour mask affects the nerve to muscle communication so muscle movements do not deepen expression wrinkles. It also stimulates collagen production, further helping to increase firmness leaving the skin smooth and youthful!

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