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Swedish Massage

Wax Services

40 min, $70

Beach Booty Boocial


Give your booty the attention it deserves! Includes steam, cleanse, extractions, deep exfoliating and treatment masks that even and smooth skin.

1Hr, $90

WYA Vajacial (For Women)

BRAZILIAN/FULL BIKINI INCLUDED! An intimate facial for your private area which treats ingrown hairs, razor bumps, bacteria that causes acne, irregular pigmentation and discoloration.

50min, $90

Nuts and Bolts Delux Brazilian (For Men)

Removes all hair from pubic area, testicles and butt strip. You also receive steam treatment with cleanse, exfoliating peel, extractions and hydrojelly wax services

25 min, $60

Send Nudes Brazilian (For Women)

Removes all hair from private area and butt strip

30 min, $60

Nuts and Bolts Brazilian (For Men)

Removes all hair from pubic area, testicles and butt strip

40 min, $60

Chia Pits (Underarm) Detox

INCLUDES UNDERARMS WAX Removes any toxins and ingrown hairs from underarms by using a charcoal detox mask, exfoliating peel, and extractions.

10 min, $20

Chia Pits (Underarm) Wax

Underarm wax

10 min, $30

70s Bush Wax

Bikini line wax

20 min, $50

Hair Mary Wax

Full Bikini Wax. Does not include butt strip. 

15 min, $35

BUTT-er your biscuit wax

Full butt wax. Does not include butt strip.

20 min, $45

Lets rave wax

Full arm wax

10 min, $30

Milly Rock Wax

Half arm wax

40 min, $70

Mini Wax

Full leg wax

25 min, $40

Midi Wax

Half leg wax (either below knee or above knee)

5 min, $15

And I oop...butt strip

Butt strip only

5 min, $15

Hand Model

Hand wax including knuckles

15 min, $40

Buff and Beautiful (Chest) Wax

Full chest wax

5 min, $15

Twin Peaks (Breast) Wax

Only wax hair around the nipples

10 min, $20

Bernie Lean (Shoulder) Wax

Wax only shoulders

35 min, $60

I'll Be...Back Wax

Full back wax

10 min, $30

Carnival Ready (Stomach) Wax

Full stomach wax

5 min, $15

Crop Top (Stomach Strip) Wax

Stomach strip only

5 min, $15

Toe Sucking Wax

Wax the whole foot

Wax Services: Treatments
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